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Thereís something really beautiful about entertaining. Somebody who works in an office from eight in the morning till nine oíclock every day can turn on the TV and find somebody singing a nice song that can touch his heart and bring some warmth to it. Thereís something nice about it. The worst thing is that you fall in love too much with this. And itís dangerous because itís temporary. Thereís a sunset and we all have to be prepared for it. Someday Iíll be wrinkled, full of cellulite and probably not that creative. I donít know when is gonna be the last day I write a good song. But that day is gonna come. Iíve known many artists that Iíve admired for a long time who suddenly come up with something that is just like What is this? This is not the genius he used to be. (VH1, 02-13-2002)

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